Loretta de Groot Oliveira is a Canadian Artist, living in Brazil since 1998. Presently living in the interior of Sao Paulo, she dedicates her time to the interpretation of a colourful wildlife in its natural habitat, through paintings on ecological materials, and other more traditional supports. Loretta received her "Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Communications"(B.Sc.BMC) from the University of Toronto, in 1994, where she studied medical and scientific illustration. She also studied Technical Illustration at Sheridan College of Applied Arts located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada from 1988 to 1991, and took figure sculpture classes at the Ontario College of Art located in Toronto. She received the following awards: -1994- Opthalmological Award for Surgical Illustration. -1994- Keith L. Moore Award for Anatomical illustration. -1993- Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons Scholarship on Superficial Muscular Aponeurosis System. She worked as an Anaplastologist at Toronto's reputable Sunnybrook Cancer Centre Hospital in Toronto, from 1994-1998 where she was an active member of a multidisciplinary team making facial prosthetics. Loretta continues her work as an Anaplastologist and medical/scientific illustrator at the De Groot Oliveira Clinic, in Campinas, S.P..

After moving to Brazil in 1998, Loretta's artistic career changed direction to focus on Nature in Art and Art in Nature, painting Brazil's colourful fauna and flora in their natural surroundings. The difference is that Loretta started to paint ecological supports, specifically the shaft part of the palm leaf, which she prepares beforehand to make durable. A palm shaft can measure up to 350 cm x 250 cm, foreseeing that it can safely leave her atelier, and is painted using a combination of acrylic/latex and oil paints. "Thanks to mother nature", says Loretta, "the palm shaft already comes with unique patterns, tones of colour and undulations to make each one different". This said, with a little paint and imagination she transforms otherwise decayable organic material into beautiful ECCO ART that not only mother nature herself can adore to hang around again. In her own words:

There are many little ways in which it's possible to sanctify mother nature all you need is an idea and a bit of colour. So, take this day out of it's groove before you let it go, Paint It!